Hi all,

Val's back home now. She's snoozing on the couch, just like she usually does this time of the evening.  She's not quite up to full speed because of her pain patch, but that's good.  She's supposed to take it easy for two weeks!

For daily updates (I'll try to update it daily), please check out my Val's Update web page: http://home.attbi.com/~whippet-cw/VUpdate.htm.

If you haven't been to Val's website before, feel free to snoop around!

We really appreciate all the kind and thoughtful e-mails we have received.  For those who encouraged us to rethink getting another whippet, don't worry.  We will get another dog.  Maybe a greyhound.  Maybe another whippet if the right one becomes available.  It was too quiet around here for the one day Val wasn't.  (Magic, the cat, is still here but couldn't quite fill the void left by Val, even though she tried!)   And I've lost track of how many hugs I'm supposed to give Val and for whom!  I'll just hug her a lot!


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