Wishes and Messages for Val and her People

Val, after you die are you going to come back and haunt us?

Sorry to hear the visit couldn't last a bit longer.
I still have a nice image in my memory of Val in "full blur" form chasing a rabid plastic bag!

Everyone loves Val “the Jiggy Whippet!”  Although she may be leaving..., I can’t help but be excited to know for sure now that “my Gretta” will have a friend and companion to play with. You may be sad, but you’re just as thankful for what she has given you.

I would say “God speed,” but that’s not quite fast enough for Val

I will cherish my memories of her.

Bye Val we love and will miss you.  We're crying also. hugs and kisses

Goodbye Val. I love you.

All of my love and prayers are with you.  My heart breaks for all of you. Please stay in touch. You are all very special to me.

I am so sorry. Val is so special, The tears won't stop coming and I am just a mess.

Val will be remembered by all of us and the two of you were great parents to her, you did everything possible to make her life here on earth a great one...Good Bye Val.

I am going to miss Val. A lot.

from Fred and Ginger

...It just isn't fair. We all know how much you loved Val and how much she loved you. You made her life the happiest ever. She was loved while she was here with us and now she is free of pain and I do believe in heaven. Waiting...

Val's Update