E-mail to Val's friends and family from Eric, 5/21/02

Subject: The Big Sleep

Hello everyone.  Val the Whippet will be checking out on Thursday.  Since
the operation she's had a lot of fluid building up inside.  It's coming from
the remaining tumors.  Cathy's taken her in to get drained two times, and
they took an awful lot of fluid out, but she just fills right back up...and
she's pretty much quit eating.  Her big powerful muscles that used to propel
her at astonishing speeds are all gone, she's starving to death, and she's
just laying around trying to be cute for us.

It wasn't anywhere near the 3 months the surgeon predicted...but it was a
couple of weeks at least.

We have a bunch of ribbons from races and classes, we have video and photos,
we have shredded bunnies and happy memories.

I'm going to go cry like a little girl now.  Again.

Goodbye, Val.


Val's Update