My Career as a Racer
Part 14 - Second Oval Track Race

by Val the Whippet, F. Ch.

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On November 3, 2001, at the Polo Field, Roy, WA, I entered my second oval course race.  This race was put on by W.R.A.G. and was approved by NOTRA (National Oval Track Racing Assoc.).

Being patriotic.

I hadn't run any races since my last oval track back in June when I hurt my toe.  Laurel wrapped my foot to help keep it from getting hurt again.  This was also my first race as a veteran - age exceeding six years.  (My birthday was August 31st.)

My first race was with three other dogs.  Since I only ran two races last time, I ran with the slower dogs again.  Once again, I came out of the starting box fine.  I even did better on the corners, not swinging quite so wide.  But I wasn't in top physical condition, so I slowed down during the final stretch and only came in 2nd.

That's me on the left.

My second race was also with three other dogs.  This time, I came in last.  I really slowed down in the final stretch!

Coming up the final stretch.

The third race went better.  I came in second again.

Gonna get that bunny!

The fourth and last race was exciting.  It took three men and 33 seconds to get Tenner into the starting box.  I went in in three seconds!  I don't mess around.  Then Tenner was late leaving the box.  I came out good, as usual.  

There's three of us, me on the right.

I was second for the first stretch, then I passed Tiny on the back stretch.  I was in first place for a bit!

I know it's hard to see, but that's me on the left in the lead!

Then I swung a little wide, Tiny passed me and I was in second again.  But Tenner was catching up fast.  We were almost neck and neck at the finish line, but I was just a tad ahead still.  So I came in second!

Here's the "photo finish," but Tiny is blocking Dad's view!

I came in 14th/15th out of 21 dogs.  I won the flag for being the fastest veteran. (Mom still puts it outside on patriotic holidays.)

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